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I’m Nick Ritchey. Ever since I lost 80lbs back in 2005, people have been asking for my “secret” to losing weight and keeping it off without giving up the stuff that makes life worth living (family, friends, food & fun!).

But there isn’t one “secret” to weight loss – there are several.

Which is why I created this quick start kit for you. Without this information, you’re likely to struggle more than necessary, and fail to keep the weight off.

As a master of positive psychology, my goal is to help you ENJOY the weight loss process as much as the results.

Which is why, in exchange for telling me a bit about your challenges (so I can help you overcome them), I’d like to give you FREE access to my “Positive Weight Loss Quick Start Kit” (an $89 value).

After you click the button below to tell me more about what’s preventing you from enjoying weight loss, you’ll get INSTANT access to the following:

Video 1

How to Get Lucky in Weight Loss
Discover the 3 obstacles that stop weight loss dead in its tracks, and how to overcome them so you can look and feel better for the rest of your life.

Video 2

The #1 Weight Loss Mistake
There’s a CHOICE all dieters make, and if you choose wrong, the weight is GUARANTEED to come back. Learn how to make the right choice, so the weight stays off.

Video 3

The Top 5 Habits
Lean people go to parties, buffets, binge drink and all the rest… the difference between being lean and overweight doesn’t lie in how you act at special events. It’s the day-to-day habits that make or break you. Discover the top 5 habits that will make you look and feel better than ever.

Video 4

How to Get Started
There’s a reason most New Years Resolutions fail, and it’s not what you think. If you want to stick to your resolutions, watch this video.

Video 5

Getting Into Flow
Ever experience burnout, boredom, loss of interest or maddening frustration? This video teaches you how to avoid motivation killers and find the optimal state for enjoying your weight loss journey.

Video 6

Your Unfair Advantage
At first glance, this seems too easy... but 98.5% who do it are glad they did. Discover what I wish I knew 20 years earlier that makes weight loss a cinch.

Video 7

Lose Weight This Week
You’ve identified and removed the barriers. You’ve got your unfair advantage. Now it’s time to kick some fat.


Bonus Guides
Two guides that consider your unique circumstances to help you beat your biggest limiter and make the most of your unfair weight loss advantage.

It's 100% free, takes only 30 seconds and
all data is kept 100% private and confidential.

Nick Ritchey

"Why be lean and miserable...?"

When you can be lean and happy?!

Quick-fix weight loss strategies focus on speed at the expense of happiness. Without exception, this leaves you feeling miserable, and primed for rebound weight gain.

The solution?

Put happiness first. Today, I’d like to give you FREE access to my Positive Weight Loss Quick Start Kit” (an $89 value) so you can enjoy the weight loss process as much as you enjoy slipping on your skinny jeans.

Just click the button, tell me more about how I can help YOU, and claim your FREE Kit!

Eric DDive Master, Canada

I must say that I am truly grateful to you that you jumpstarted me on this path 2 years ago.

I am now down to 214 lbs and wearing 34 size jeans (down from 42 in the beginning).

I definitely feel more energetic. I know now so much more about exercise, nutrition and myself.

Benjamin FAssistant Professor, Australia

I was never overweight, but I had extra belly fat that I could never shake.

I choose Nick because I knew him first as a friend/coworker.

As I continued to talk to him casually about diet and exercise, I realised that he had a very vast knowledge of both these topics.

One of the most important things for me was the fact that Nick doesn't just rely on hearsay about proven methods for weight loss and muscle building.

He is constantly reading peer-reviewed scientific articles on a range of topics, including biochemistry, nutrition, exercise, and psychology.

So far I have lost around 5kgs and I have a much slimmer waist, which feels great.

I just feel overall more healthy and confident in my appearance.

Now I know that I have the know how to lose it quite quickly whenever I need to.

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